Coaching Websites Questions

Susan asks…

Where Do i get this Coach Handbag??

hi, i am in search of a coach bag. Here is a pic link.

I really like this bag and wanted to know where to get it because it was not on the coach website. Please help me

Yahoo answers:

Look coach up on ebay, then it will bring you to all the bags. Find the same one and it will tell you the name- like mine is the coach “soho” bag. Then go from there, I bought mine from ebay but if you don’t have an account than you can just find the name and find it elsewhere based on the name.

The name is COLORFUL SIGNATURE PATCH WORK COACH HANDBAG, and there is one ending soon on ebay. Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

A question for the experienced youth soccer coach.?

Hi, I am a novice u9/10/11/12 coach. All age ranges on my rec team. I have kids who have never played before and kids who are very experienced and competetive. First game was today. Personality clash with my asst coach. Nothing unusual I’m sure.

My question is do I get them assigned to permanent posistions now. (by observing and looking for strengths) or mix it up every game? Focusing on experience over winning. We are rec, but first place trophy awarded after season. I do want them to be competetive so they stand a chance at travel try outs, but I am in the “mix it up” school of thought,(mainly because of the inexperienced kids), My asst is in the “stricktly positions assigned” school of thought. I’m trying to get her to find the gray area and find compromise. But she gives me the “she’s been coaching for four years speach” and tells me she knows what’s she’s doing. (then goes on to to teach me a bunch of stuff I already know but I can’t tell her because I can’t get a word in edgeways). I respect her experience, I really do. She also yells at the kids a lot during the game. I may be a novice, but I’m trying to get them to enjoy the game and figure things out for themselves.
Any advice?

Yahoo answers:

Personality clashes do happen. Not always, but they happen. Often coaches and assistant coaches are competitive and that competitiveness can lead to “competition” between each other.

As for your specific situation, it sounds like you are in an unusual position. Players usually do not start “specializing” in positions until early in U12 in competitive leagues and late in U12 in rec leagues (which is where it sounds like you currently stand).

My advice to you is to mix it up (even for the older ones).

Let players try all the positions (many may be reluctant to try goal keeper, but if possible, get them all to try that as well). Remind your assistant coach that practice is one thing but game situations are another. You want to see who can do what in game conditions. How can you assign them to their best positions otherwise?

You may notice that certain players are much stronger at certain positions. It is ok to play those players MORE at their better positions, but you still want to let the kids get a chance to learn all the positions. For example, my daughter was or leading scorer in U10 for AYSO. She averaged more than 2 goals a game! However, turns out she’s a better defender. On her club team, she plays almost exclusively D.

Should you want to win? Yes. Will things go more smoothly if you do win? Yes. But in the long run, the kids will appreciate you more and become better players if they learn several positions and develop well-rounded skills. Once they are older and their strengths and weaknesses are more obvious, and their body-types are set; then they can start specializing. Remember the point of starting sports young is to develop as a player and a person, and to have fun!

As for the yelling aspect, the questions is does she yell AT the kids or does she yell TO the kids? I personally do not see a problem with yelling TO the kids – that is speaking loud enough so as to be heard by players. However, if she is yelling At the kids – screaming and belittling them – that is inappropriate.

As for my qualifications, I coached AYSO and club soccer for several years (let’s just put it this way – more than your assistant coach’s 4 years). I am, at this moment, wearing a t-shirt representing a championship my club team won in a tournament with teams from at least 6 states – I have a very winning record, but I have also coached a last place season. I have learned a lot of what works and what doesn’t. Beyond that, I have a soccer coaching/training website and you can see the qualifications that Yahoo has given me. So if experience is the question, I’ve got some.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know which collection this Coach bag is in?

Does anyone know which collection this Coach bag is in? —>
And can you give me the link to it on the Coach website? Thanks!

Yahoo answers:

Well, that’s a chanel bag. And there is thousands of dollars difference between coach and chanel.
But if you want coach’s website, it’s

Carol asks…

Soccer coach tips,…. ?

ok i am a soccer coach for u-14, team,, and i was wondering if anyone knew a good websites, for soccer drills, tips, conditioning drills, goalie drills or any tips,from any soccer experts,,like, recently me team has lost two games but its due to lack of communication, and goalie skills and more improvement on my midfielders,, any tipss

Yahoo answers:

Im not a coach but here are some websites the coach told me to look at

and this one you have to download it

Ken asks…

Help with a coach purse?

Okay, well i was in the store and i saw this BEAUTIFUL bag , it was yellow and white thick stripes. It said coach on it. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it? Its not a very detailed description but i was looking everywhere for it and i cant find it! Maybe its a knock-off?
Pleasee help :[

Yahoo answers:

If it isn’t on the Coach website, there is a chance it was a knock off. Check the website of the store you saw the bag. It might be there. I got a pair of Coach sneakers at Macy’s, and I never found them online. So maybe the bag is just not online.

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Coaching Websites Questions

Ken asks…

Did coach like make a mistake on there website?

okay well this purse was $198 and now its $139

Yahoo answers:

Its a price drop, there are tons of things marked down PLUS there is an extra 25% off when you shop in the store and say you are there for their Perferred Customer Event that ends on the 29th.

Find out about it here:

Mandy asks…

Can someone recommend a website for soccer (football) rules and coaching?

I got a coaching job for four year olds and I know nothing about soccer and need to learn fast. So if you could help me I would appreciate it very much

Yahoo answers:

I can give you four great sites that will give you a pretty good coaching education from the privacy of your computer.

US Youth Soccer – Help I volunteered to coach
National Soccer Coaches Association of America –
United States Soccer Federation
The Football Association

I picked those since you wrote the request in English and I know some knobs will ask about Argentina and Brazil but unless you are fluent in either Spanish or Portuguese they would be much help. Besides we’re talking about 4 year olds.

Lizzie asks…

Coach, and Backorders!?

i recently ordered a pair of shoes from they were still on the website when i bought them, but now they are not. They told me that the item would be backordered and sent to me within a few months. Then i was told i would be notified if they were not available in 30 days.

Has anyone ever ordered from coach and recieved this information. what happens next?
yes, i really want these shoes badly! i was just wondering if they still were going to come or not. i really don’t want to exchange !

Yahoo answers:

I havent ordered from coach but other stores
it will still come there is nothing to worry about you just got the last of the last

Donald asks…

Cute Coach Wallet?

I saw a lady today with a really cute coach checkbook wallet, it kind of looks like the Chelsea series, but it was with darker brown colors. I want this wallet…it looked like a fairly newer wallet…Any one have any ideas for how I can find it? (I checked the website and Googled coach, but still could not find it).


Yahoo answers:


You might have to sign up for an account to view, but it is free. It is just a bunch of people’s own Coach collections that they have posted online. Most of the time names and prices are listed, so if you can find a picture you can find the price. is also a good reference site for purses from past seasons, but they do not do wallets on the site.

Steven asks…

wheres the best website to buy fake coach boots?

I want fake brown coach boots. no more than 75$. china maybe??

Yahoo answers:

Why bother buying fake Coach boots? Why not just buy higher quality, lesser known boots for the same price?

Fake designer items are not a bargain. They are usually very poorly made and the quality of the materials is very low. Fakes are also a violation of intellectual property rights, which is illegal. People who sell fakes are committing crimes. They also help fund terrorist activities and child labor. Not to mention the financial impact on the global economy.

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Coaching Web Design Questions

Steven asks…

what are some horse related jobs?

ideas please!!

Yahoo answers:

A great way to sample the horse business and get a real idea of what working with horses would take is to be a Working Student. As a working student you learn about all aspects of working with horses… From running a business and helping designing stallion packages to mucking stalls to learning how to train a baby to lead! Often times you get a place to stay on the farm, riding lessons, horses to ride, and a little money to take care of your expenses.

As for ideas there’s the usual: horse trainer, breeder, Vet, farrier, riding coach. But think outside the box if those ideas don’t strike your fancy! There are horse insurance agents, web designers, saddle makers, and various research careers in creating supplements, food, or improving on other various products for the sport. One could be a fashion designer and design various riding apparel! Lots of different things, and there are lots of horse people willing to spend the $$$ on your ideas!

William asks…

Should I open a male grooming online supply store?

I am in the process of developing an online shop, which will sell men’s grooming products, which I am told is burgeoning market.
I want to know whether people feel this a good idea and if there are an particular products that people (particularly guys) would be suitable?

anthoughtshs i’d love to hear them

Yahoo answers:


Lets face it… You are asking a very broad question (grooming) from a broad category of consumers (men) so you’re going to get a broad array of responses. From me you are going to get a straight forward answer that will disappoint you… My grooming consists of washing my hair daily with dollar store shampoo, applying deodorant, and shaving with 99 cent Barbasol shaving cream and a Mach III razor. I usually get my grooming supplies at Walgreens and usually with coupons so the concept of paying for shipping for maybe a $5 order won’t save me money and certainly won’t make you money.

You should narrow down your focus a little bit to target the best fit products and information for your target audience. It doesn’t have as much to do with pricing as with branding. You’ll want to capture the guys that want the image of your brand. Do you want to focus on gym rats, computer geeks, mechanics, or cheap “I dont give a damn” consumers like me??? Without a focus, you’re going to end up with a room full of products in order to fill orders that you probably won’t get. You should concentrate on building a brand before building a business.

Why not start out with a blog writing and sharing articles on various grooming tips and product reviews? Focus on writing a business plan that will help you conduct the necessary marketing research. Then you can focus a more clearly defined survey once you know who your audience will be. Most people don’t want to be sold but rather want to be taught.

I’m not saying your online shop won’t be the next Amazon or Ebay for grooming supplies but you’ve got to figure out who you want to attract and how you want to attract them. In other words, it’s important to narrow down your broad categories of audience and industry so that you can start small and think big.

Let’s say you start out with razors and offer the finest selection of razors from 12 manufacturers and then as you restock sales you focus on replacement blades, shave creams, and after shave formulas from a variety of companies. You can then begin to work your audience with “by the way, we now offer 15 kinds of shampoos and conditioners”, and then move into “we now carry condoms in assorted colors by 36 manufacturers.” Through the process back up your products with information on how your brand satisfies the needs for your customers whether it’s price, discretion, convenience, or whatever advantage you have. Take baby steps to building your empire or you will end up with unsold products and more debt than sales.

You are on the right track but know your customers and know your competition. Again for me you are competing again Suave shampoos and other Walgreens/Rite Aid products that I can buy off the shelve after the last squirt from my bottle comes out.

Figure out what kind of profit margin you’ll have on your products. Find out who your audience is and how to attract them. Focus on your misson statement to solve the needs for your customers. Educate yourself on buying, selling, web site design, legal issues, advertising, branding, and the basics of building a start up company before you slap an OPEN sign on a business (virtual or brick-mortar).

Why not look into manufacturing your own products with a unique scent that can give you more margin for profit than buying from distributors that buy from brokers that buy from manufacturers???

Hit the books, then hit the books, then hit the world wide web!!!

Remember people don’t buy godiva chocolates for the chocolates or Coach purses for the purses… It’s the name (brand) that customers buy.

What’s your niche???

Helen asks…

Do you like these shoes/sunglasses ?

For some reason I’ve always liked these shoes, I’m thinking of buying them but have no clue what to wear them with. Suggestions/Opinions/Ideas would be much appreciated.

Also, I kind of like these glasses. I just want you’re opinions :)

They look a bit feminine , but the VictoriaBeckham website claims they’re unisex, I just want to know what you all think of them.

Thanks alot,
(P.S Sorry if my English is rough I just moved here from Ukraine)

Yahoo answers:

I love the shades! So cute! (I think I might even have to order them myself! Thanks!) But personally, the sneakers are pretentious to me. I don’t like blatant advertising at all. I don’t have a problem with coach, but I would never see myself spending a lot of money just to advertise someone’s brand. I’ve been brought up to believe that that is trashy. There are tons of quality shoes available on the web, in even cuter designs. If they make you happy though, by all means buy them, because your opinion is always what will matter most.
Use this as your mantra:
The people mind don’t matter
and the people who matter don’t mind.

Good luck!

John asks…

Does it help me to get a job in IT industries?

So, i am 23 year girl , i am pursuing final year of master of technology in information and technology branch, will complete on June, so i have decided to do job in a IT company, problem is this i am not knowing any of professional language like C, C++, java, .net or PHP. i have asked many of my friends who are working in MNC, they told me as fresher point of view they will ask only basic question. So i have decided to do a coaching for C and C++ it will complete in next three months after that i will learn about SQL, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, java script and xml which comes under web designing ( i am much interested in web designing)

so it is all about what i have decided for my future. Can any one please guide or suggest me any of course from web designing or any specialization course of any language, but i have to start from basic so please suggest me if any course related to web designing or the C, c++ basic, because my basic concepts in not clear at all…or my idea is OK for the job prospective.

Additional details :- i am from India.

thanks to read and please reply .

Yahoo answers:

As you say that that u r pursuing final year of master of technology in information and technology branch, But u cannot mentioned in which sector you r doing your IT Courses.
1) IT in Computer Hardware and Networking Technology.
2) IT in Software Technology. (Programs: C, C++, java,.net or PHP.SQL, HTML, CSS, Linux, COBOL FORTRAN etc.
Because to do job in a IT company, you need the technical knowledge in the above mentioned fields 1) or 2). Or even you may try for the Clerical Job in the IT field.

Mark asks…

Does it help me to get a job in IT industries?

So, i am 23 year girl , i am pursuing final year of master of technology in information and technology branch, will complete on June, so i have decided to do job in a IT company, problem is this i am not knowing any of professional language like C, C++, java, .net or PHP. i have asked many of my friends who are working in MNC, they told me as fresher point of view they will ask only basic question. So i have decided to do a coaching for C and C++ it will complete in next three months after that i will learn about SQL, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, java script and xml which comes under web designing ( i am much interested in web designing)

so it is all about what i have decided for my future. Can any one please guide or suggest me any of course from web designing or any specialization course of any language, but i have to start from basic so please suggest me if any course related to web designing or the C, c++ basic, because my basic concepts in not clear at all…or my idea is OK for the job prospective.

Additional details :- i am from India.

thanks to read and please reply .

Yahoo answers:

Any additional skill will fetch you the job early.

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Coaching Websites Questions

Robert asks…

Golf Coach?

I was wondering where to find a private golf coach in Houston Tx and about how much it would cost.

Yahoo answers:

Ok yeah, I know the instructor the first guy mentioned is going to be very expensive. So it depends on your price range.
I did a little research for you and I found a lot. I will paste the link so you can look and maybe e-mail a few to see what the rates are etc. But for the most part.. I would definitely find a coach that is registered through PGA. And almost any coach will do a private lesson, but not all. It also depends on what you want because some people want a video analysis and some facilities don’t have that. SO.. Here are the coaches I found in and near houston -

And you can go here to change the settings of where or what you need the coach to be able to do –

If you find one that sounds good… Call or e-mail them. I know quite a few people who have found a coach of this website and have done well with the coach.

I hope this helped!!
Good Luck!!

Donald asks…

Are these COACH bags real?

Are these bags real or knockoffs?? Has anyone ever purchased from that website??
I live in NYC and i’m used to seeing fake bags but they usually have a limited number of styles and this website has a huge selection. Any info, please???

Yahoo answers:

Coach does have retail outlets, but they dont have a website for discounted bags. They may have a sale section within their website. You can also purchase the real deal from a national retailer such as Macys, Nordstroms, etc.

And yes… Coach is made in China, lol… So if it says Italy, it’s more than likely fake.

Carol asks…

How do I contact college basketball coaches?

Is there any websites or does anyone know how I can contact different D1 basketball coaches like Todd Lickliter and others?

Yahoo answers:

I have some experience contacting coaches. The best thing to do is to Google the teams name followed by athletics ie university of Indiana athletics. And then look for the athletic staff directory on the site. A lot of the time they will have the basketball office or the basketball secretary call that number and they should be able to transfer you to a coach. You should make sure to call between hours like 9-4 oclock to insure that a coach is there also it will be good to have a highlight tape or best game tape or stats or transcript to be sent to the university at the coaches request

but i stress the best way to accomplish this is to go to your high school coach and tell him who you are interested in and ask him if they can call there coach. Colleges are more likely to listen to a coach when it comes to a player rather than listening to a family member of the player or the player himself

Mark asks…

Best way to clean suede/interior on Coach Holiday Patchwork purse?

I have a Coach Holiday Patchwork purse that looks like this one:

The pink suede has gotten a bit dirty, and there are a few spots in the interior. What would be the best way to approach cleaning it? Or should I take it to a professional cleaner that has cleaned Coach bags before?

Yahoo answers:

On the coach website (and probably in the store too) they sell cleaner for their products, you should probably use the ‘signature fabric cleaner’! Here’s the link; hope that helps you (:

Susan asks…

Drills, Websites, Tips to be a youth basketball coach?

being a high school basketball and football player this year, im coaching youth basketball 4th to 8th grade. im not sure yet. but i wanna have as much advice as possible. thanks

Yahoo answers:

Here’s a good basketball website for you to learn as a young coach.


G0t it? Go0d!!!!

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Coaching Web Pages Questions

Helen asks…

east carolina cheearleading?

hey everybody! I really want to cheer in college and ECU is one of my options. I graduate high school in 2011 and I cant find a recent document for ECU’s cheerleading tryout information. Can anyone help me? (:

Yahoo answers:

Try going to the college web site and then find the cheerleading page. If it is not posted e-mail the coach.

Donna asks…

in which jobs or cases MBWA (management by walking around) is needed?

can you tell me the different types of jobs which uses management by walking around

Yahoo answers:

The web page (below) provides: Management by walking around: 6 tips to make it work
Management by walking around (or MBWA), as you probably know from your Internet search, is the habit of stopping by to talk with people face to face, get a sense of how they think things are going, and listen to whatever may be on their minds.

This was how founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard ran their eponymous computer company. After Tom Peters and Robert Waterman wrote about it in their 1982 blockbuster bestseller In Search of Excellence, MBWA became a buzzword for up-close-and-personal management. Steve Jobs was the ultimate practitioner of this approach, taking it beyond Apple (AAPL) employees to customers, whose complaints or comments he often answered with a phone call.

It may be that popping in on employees unexpectedly is, as you say, a distraction — but enthusiasts say the practice also yields real benefits.”Management by walking around really helps you be more visible, connect with employees and share ideas, and invite suggestions for doing things better,” says Annie Stevens, managing partner at Boston-based executive coaching firm ClearRock.

Beyond the obvious advantages of keeping your own finger on the pulse of the organization, employees are likely to be more engaged and productive if they see you and speak with you frequently than if they don’t. That might sound commonsensical, Stevens notes, but email has replaced ordinary face-to-face contact in many workplaces, so that some bosses have come to seem as remote and inscrutable as Oz behind his curtain.

“There has been a tendency to manage employees via email, memos, and formal meetings,” she says — partly because many managers feel (as you do) that they just don’t have time to meet with employees informally, and partly because “younger and newly promoted managers” may never have learned the basics of MBWA.

So, for bosses who would like to manage by walking around (rather than, as one wag put it, manage by walking away), Stevens offers this checklist of suggestions for doing it right:

1. Make MBWA part of your routine. Dropping in on employees’ workspaces for an informal chat is most effective if you don’t do it on any fixed schedule, since “you’ll realize the greatest returns by seeing what is going on when people aren’t prepared for you,” Stevens says. But do plan for a bit of MBWA on your own calendar every day, if you possibly can, even if it’s only for half an hour: “The more often you do it, the more beneficial it is.”

2. Don’t bring an entourage. MBWA works best as a continual stream of one-on-one conversations with individual employees. Bringing aides or assistants with you will probably just inhibit the discussion by making people more self-conscious or, worse, make them feel you’re ganging up on them.

3. Visit everybody. As anyone might guess who’s familiar with how office rumor mills get spinning, dropping in on some folks more often than others is likely to create the wrong kind of buzz. Try to spend roughly the same amount of time — not necessarily all in the same day or even the same week, but over the long run — with each person who reports to you.

4. Ask for suggestions, and recognize good ideas. “Ask each employee for his or her thoughts about how to improve products, processes, sales, or service,” Stevens says. Then, if someone’s idea leads to a positive result, make it known whose suggestion it was and show you’re ready to give credit where it’s due.

5. Follow up with answers. If you can’t answer an employee’s question off the top of your head, don’t forget to get back to him or her with an answer later, Stevens suggests. Besides being common courtesy, it builds trust.

6. Don’t criticize. Remember, you’re on a fact-finding mission, with the secondary purpose of building rapport. To avoid undermining those aims, Stevens says, “If you find that an employee isn’t performing his or her job correctly, don’t attempt to change the behavior on the spot. Instead, make a note of it and address the problem at another time and in another setting.”

Clearly, MBWA takes some extra time and effort, but apart from any tangible payoff it might yield down the road, you might even find that you enjoy it. Stranger things have happened.

John asks…

drivers licience question?

thinking of buying a bedford dominant coach which the seller claims i can drive with a normal drivers licience if it has 7.5 ton default on it. how can I tell from looking at my licience ?

Yahoo answers:

Rather than rely on what the seller is telling you, go to the web page and find out.

Http:// will tell you what you can drive with what class of licence.

Jenny asks…

Improving Spoken British English?

Can anyone suggest me a few methods to improve my speaking skills in British English ; a few good websites or DVDs or coaching sessions in London. I am very good at Written English.

Yahoo answers:

You can find natives speakers in London for a language exchange in this languages web page:

Good luck

Thomas asks…

Best Tennis Academy in the world except Expert Tennis Team?

New professional approach for tennis players!

web page:

Tennis expert Coaches and Sport Scientists(PhD professors) working as one team for every individual player!

All players have opportunity to be treated as TOP atp/wta professional players

Do not waste time on AVERAGE – Make your Reservation on Time

web page:

Yahoo answers:

Wrong question!

Expert Tennis Team is absolutely the best pro tennis TEAM working with juniors and the professionals but not the best ACADEMY!!!

ETT works exclusively with several talented players, while the Academies works with everyone. There are few professional teams that are working also very good job. I think the Academies are good till age 12-13… but after that the Pro-Teams are only correct choice during process of becoming professional player…

Basically, if you want fun than choose some Academy,
if you want hard work and pain – Pro Teams

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Coaching Web Design Questions

David asks…

Math Business Statistics Help – Experimental Units?

College tennis recruiting with a team Web site.

Most university athletic programs now have a Web site with information on individual sports and a Prospective Student Athlete Form that allows high school athletes to submit their academic and sports achievements directly to the college coach. The Sport Journal published a study of how important team Web sites are to the recruitment of college tennis players. A survey was conducted of NCAA tennis coaches, of which 53 were from Division I schools, 20 were from Division II schools, and 53 were from Division III schools. Coaches were asked to respond to a series of statements, including “the Prospective Student Athlete Form on the Web site contributes very little to the recruiting process.” Responses were measured on a 7-point scale (where 1 = strongly disagree and 7 = strongly agree). In order to compare the mean responses of tennis coaches from the three NCAA divisions, the data were analyzed with a completely randomized design ANOVA.

a. Identify the experimental unit, dependent (response) variable, factor, and treatments for this study.
b. Give the null and alternative hypothesis for the ANOVA F-test.
c. The observed significance level of the test was found to be p-value < 0.003. What conclusion can you draw if you want to test at ? = 0.05?

5 stars for best answer. Please show how you got the answer. Thanks.

Yahoo answers:

Use stochastic formulas

Jenny asks…

Which computer skill would be best to learn if I have only a few months?

Hi ! I have about 2 free months with me and am thinking of taking some coaching in a computer skill. I would be able give 2-3 hours a day consistently for the two months. After this I will never have time in my life to study a computer skill in an organised way.

I am a 27 year old non computer professional (an MBA) and surf the internet for many hours a day and am generally good at applying hacks, using bookmarklets, installing userscripts etc. Can you suggest a few skill or skills that will help me in the future somewhere in any way whether in my personal life or professionally.

I have been advised by people to take one of three lines
1.Javascript, HTML, Web design , (PHP if I have time)
2.MS Excel
3.Photo editing

My own thinking says that since most fuctions are moving to the cloud, Maybe I should do something more closely linked with the internet.(Please advise)

Which of these do you think will be better for me. Can you tell me the pros and cons of that decision. If you think something else’d be better, please let me know as well. Please try to advise something that will not get outdated quickly. I’d appreciate a detailed and thoughtful answer and will award you the 10 points.

Yahoo answers:

If you want to be linked with the internet then the first is recommended,focusing on the javascript,html,css,php which all deal with web development!I think all ain’t that hard to learn with html and css being the easiest in all,probably in a week you’d get it!then you can move to the javascript,html5,php afterwards cause you can’t learn them without learning html really!but I think its a great field to focus on compared to the photo editing and ms excel.

Photo editing isn’t that necessary nowadays as people just know how to do it themselves on their home computers,you just learn it by using the programs!

Ms excel is just dumb only kids use that,focusing on that is a waste of time as many professional programs are available which are not that basic like ms is,5th graders learn that nowadays really so also I wouldn’t recommend it too

So I guess you can go with the web field,its pretty enjoyable too if you love technology,it can be easy as you get comfortable!also try learning html with css at the same time as doing html first then css after can be treaky,like html is old so css just adds new features if I can put it like that!

But Good Luck

Robert asks…

i want to do diploma in civil by distance education ,correspondence,can i have guidance of various universitie

with back ground of 10+2 ,and with no age bar

Yahoo answers:

None of the universities offer diploma courses either in civil engineering or in building technology branch through the distance education mode. But degree-level courses are available in civil engineering / allied fields.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a B.Tech. In civil (construction management) (BTCM) course. Those who have passed the 3-year polytechnic diploma in civil / mechanical / electrical / computer / architecture / chemical engineering and employed in relevant fields are eligible for admission.

IGNOU also conducts other similar courses – B.Tech. In civil (water resource engineering) (BTWRE). Those who have passed the 3-year polytechnic diploma in civil / agriculture / mechanical / electrical / computer / architecture / chemical engineering and employed in the relevant field are eligible for admission.
Advanced diploma courses in construction management and water resource engineering are also available at IGNOU.

The 4-years B.Tech. Civil (construction management) programme has been designed to impart training and continuing professional education to upgrade diploma level manpower engaged in managing construction tasks. The programme structure has been designed so as to provide in-built modularity and flexibility. The successful completion of the first two modules (first and second year) makes you eligible for the award of advanced diploma in construction management (ADCM). The student should have the flexibility to study either only for ADCM and exit from the system or to move further to complete the B.Tech. Degree.

B.Tech civil (water resource engineering) is a continuing education programme for the working diploma holders engaged in water resources sector. It is a 4-year degree programme that offers in built flexibility in terms of intermediate award of advanced diploma in water resource engineering (ADWRE) after successful completion of first two modules. Students also have an option to discontinue after obtaining ADWRE and take up studies at a later date to complete the degree programme. For more details visit

The Directorate of Distance Education of the Annamalai University offers diploma courses in concrete technology and design of concrete structure and diploma in construction management. Those who have passed diploma in civil engineering / BE civil engineering / BE civil and structural engineering / AMIE civil engineering are eligible for admission. Duration of the course is one year. Address: Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar – 608 002 Phone: 04144 238610, 237160

The National Institute of Construction Management and Research, School of Distance Education, Pune – 411 045 conducts Graduate Diplomas / Certificates courses in Construction Management field through the distance education mode. For more details visit Phone: 020 27290432 / 020 27292671 Extn: 202;
The Institution of Engineers (India) provides facilities to obtain AMIE, which is equivalent an engineering degree. In order to obtain AMIE, one should have to pass Section `A’ and Section `B’ examination. Those who have passed Plus Two examinations with physics, chemistry and mathematics with 45 per cent marks are eligible to register for this course. Diploma holders in engineering are also eligible to register in the diploma group of the AMIE. It is mainly a private study route. Oral coaching is also available. Detailed information about AMIE can be obtained from the following address: Hon. Secretary, The Institute of Engineers (India), Kerala State Centre, Observatory Hills, Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033 (Phone 0471 2322991) or
The secretary, The Institution of Engineers (India), 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata – 700 020, Phone: 033 2238311, web site:

Sandy asks…

how can i get a 60′s hippie look?

ok… i was wonder how i can turn a pair of plain blue jeans into those jeans with the bell bottom-like flair out with that extra material look? or where to buy them… or what about a purse like the one in my avatar if you can see the whole thing… its brown and has tastles and i think its leather.. and where can i get love beads? haha
whats h/o?

Yahoo answers:

Try this outfit-

These jeans-

you can evan iron these on to your jeans for a 60′s look-

and this bag will look great with the rest of the outfit-

Hope I helped!!

Lizzie asks…

Latest on football lockout?

Looks like the NFL owners and NFLPA got together for a secret meeting… Is the lockout going to end soon?

Forget the NFL and their lockout… Come join the best game out there….

Pigskin Empire

You’re just a click away from the most complete football coaching sim on the web. Get on board and take control. Work with a staff of human coaches to guide your college or pro team to the top. Build your Empire today!
Build Your Team

College coaches recruit players from around the country
Pro coaches draft players from college teams, trade with other pro teams or pick up free agents
Build up your player’s attributes through training drills and practices

Design Your Playbook

Create limitless plays using our play design tool
Set your formations, play calling tendencies and gameplan
Set up practice sessions to watch your plays

Take The Field

Watch your games live
Call plays live with our unique play calling feature

Yahoo answers:


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Coaching Web Design Questions

Sandra asks…

what makes a good ropes course?

Attn: Don’t even try to answer this question if you don’t want to read the details. Please and thank you.

When designing a ropes course for school age kids, what would make it fun as well as challenging? It should make teamwork a neccessity, but be age-appropriate and safe.
What would be a way to involve every person of a five-person team and give thrills as well as coaching skills?
Please answer carefully with lengthy explanations and include web site references.
Thank You.

Yahoo answers:

A rope

Donna asks…

hi i would really like to learn how to box do you know of anywhere in hampshire for girls in their teens?

Yahoo answers:

Are we talking Hamshire England or New HAmpshire USA ? If NH There sre several sites to choose from depending where you live.


Boxing gym address listing and reference guide. This site designed to help you locate a boxing gym. We will be offering you boxing advice and tips, boxing equipment reviews and much more. From beginner to pro, you will be treated like a world champion.



Zip Code

Boxing Club
Pleasent St.

Averill’s Martial
Arts Academy,
3 North Main St.

D&D Boxing
114 Nottingham Rd

River Valley Club
33 Morgan Dr.

Murphy’s Boxing
Kickboxing – Brazilian
Jui Jitsu
163 Lake Ave

PAL Boxing Gym
409 Beech St.

Queen City
Boxing Gym
21 W auburn Sy.

Ninth State
Boxing Club
31-2 Valley Center Rt 25W

Boxing Club
Rochester Community Center
150 Wakefield Street

Murphy’s Boxing Kickboxing – Brazilian Jui Jitsu
Murphy’s Boxing Gymnasium is an exciting and FUN gym
meant to give each boxer, recreational through professional,
the skills and coaching to inspire you to reach your goals.
Coaches share years of experience in a caring motivational
environment for athletes ages 5 to masters. Murphy’s also
offers instruction in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and MMA.
Murphy’s unique “urban arts” program offers Capoiera and
African drumming and dance.

PAL Boxing Gym in Manchester is a Police Athletic League
Boxing gym, where a full time police officer and several assistant
coaches work with the youth in the community.

Ninth State Boxing Club
Boxing Club for Men & Women ages 14-65+. Fitness Gym.

Seacoast Boxing Club
Learn more about us on the web.
Now accepting new athletes at all levels.












If you are the owner of a boxing gym, let us build you a web page. Click Here.

Locate a boxing gym in New Hampshire

Sharon asks…

lacrosse.. what do i need to buy?

what kind of things like clothing do i need 4 lacrosse.. what are a good kind of shoes links 2 websites or store names would help.. i am very.. very new to the sport

Yahoo answers:

The young lady gave great answer , i have been involved with the game for 50 years plus . 5 weeks ago was told to try this stick , it was from HARROW LACROSSE try thier web site , thier womans sticks are the best ever , i really belive they were designed by great woman players , the ball just sticks , quick release , the shaft is perfect for women , best of all affordable . This company makes the best sticks available . Plus i really want the networks get hot dog eating , poker , grade b wrestling , put the womans game on t v it is a better field game than mens version , had to explain this fact years ago one guy listened , left asstant coaching job at maryland , took head coaching job womans game at syracuse . Only problem this he listened too . Could not understand behind the waist shot or pass . Good luck lots of full ride scholarships available

Carol asks…

I feel like a failure for some reason..?

I am 24 female graduated BA in Communication Digital Media w/ Studio Art minor. Have some exp in Web Design/Web Development/etc… but it’s been how many months now and I still don’t have a job… I’ve honestly never had any job exp except for a few freelancing jobs I did… I only have my driving permit. I took the driving exam some months ago and failed it which surprised me bc I thought I was going to pass. Trying again soon. I still live w/ my parents. Never been on my own. I don’t go out much or at all. Actually these past months I’ve been stuck at home. Just..home doing nothing. It feels like I’m wasting my life away. I’ve always lived a sheltered life… My first relationship ever went down hill & it’s affecting me a lot more than it should. Actually sometimes it seems like that’s what initiated me to feel like this.. tho I know I shouldn’t blame it all on that. Now I lost all my motivation. Idk what I’m doing anymore & I don’t know what I want to do/etc. I used to have all these goals…but now it’s like I don’t know anymore. I feel like a loser. No job, no social life, etc. I’m kind of socially awkward & not really sociable tho I can get along with people pretty easily once I feel comfortable/open up/etc… But idk..sometimes I just don’t like interacting with people that much..I mean right now I honestly don’t yet I do sometimes. I’m soo confused. Is something wrong with me??? Seriously. I want to be normal. I want to get out there & meet ppl, interact, etc…. But it’s so hard when you’re not so sociable/you’re kinda socially awkward like me.. It’s like I prefer being alone yet deep down I really don’t. Idk. I know what I should do but it’s so hard for me to initiate it.. Help? Oh btw I have a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances…
i also want to add that i live in a small city that almost look like a small town.. so there really is not much for me to do.

Yahoo answers:

Well, you don’t have to feel bad about anything. There is nothing “wrong with you”. It’s just life. Have you ever heard that there are many ups and downs life? Guess where you are at the moment.
You are not the only one who feels this way from time to time. I’m the same way. I have a brother (Little mind you) Who’s graduated school, something that I haven’t done, and has more friends, that he speaks to on a daily basis, now he’s in college with me, and “Knows what he wants to do, when I’m not so sure myself. To top it off he’s been working extra hard to get a job, while I feel like my own attempts would be thwarted, because I haven’t graduated yet.
Seems like I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, right? First, I understand that right now my circumstances suck, and while I agree they suck and would like them to change, I understand, and consciously acknowledge that I possess no time rendering super power to do so. It’s not like I’m giving up, though. I’m just understanding that there are some things about circumstances that I’m in that can’t be changed so quickly. Some things are gradual, and take time. Patience is needed during times like these. At times I feel sad, frustrated, confused, alone, and behave a bit like a recluse. It happens. Honestly, it sorta comforts me to know I’m not the only one that feels this way (even if it seems like an azz hole thing to say).
If you don’t know it already, learn to take things in stride. Since I’m still in college, I’ve had that over whelming feeling, and you may know what I mean. You have 7 assignments due at soon, a presentation to prepare and a limited time to do it. When something like this happened to me, I overloaded. Situations like this don’t just happen to college student, overloading can happen over a multitude of things.
Your situation is a good example. When I overloaded, it felt like everything was being thrown in my face, and it was just too much. So, I took a deep breath and came to and understanding of my situation, looked at the situation logically, since I’m a realist, and literally spoke aloud to myself. You know what I said? “I’m only one person.Circumstances warrant that I can only do so much at a time.” A phrase I live by, is “Do what you can, while you can, when you can.” There is no use worrying over something that’s out of your control. Take care of what you can, when you can, while you can. If it’s possible for you to tackle an issue that you need to address in a timely manner, then do so. From what you wrote above your maximizing your time, doing this. If you are doing what you can, when you can, while you can, then I wouldn’t worry about what it is that you can’t do just yet.
As far as friendship, you sorta sound like me. I prefer to make life long friends, not superficial ones. There are people out there that are interested in true friendship, and I’m talking about the friend where your car breaks down or your kids need a baby sitter, or you need a ride, and they’ll pick you up. To me the ones I’ve described are true forever friends worth keeping. People who call you, just to ask what you are doing, and want to run this place or that, I’d consider a friend.
With the whole staying in the house thing, there stuff you can do in your neighborhood. Soup kitchen, cake classes, arts and craft classes, bowling, karaoke, swimming, little league, coaching, brother/sister program, crocheting, knitting, scrap-booking, Facebook or anything internet related, sewing, cooking, cooking classes, antiquing, walking in the park, Ice skating, roller skating, bird watching, Photography, photography class, library. In your spare time plan for your future, wedding, car, house, kids, Would you consider adoption, yes or no? What names would you like for your kids? What type of guy are you looking for? Where do you see yourself in 5 or so years? My point, is you are young and have your whole life ahead of you! Things won’t be like this always, they can’t be since nothing lasts forever. Until the next big thing comes, enjoy your down time, do what you can while you can, and don’t worry about what you can’t do. Take life in stride. Also I’m free for E-mailing anytime. If you feel like talking advice or whatever. Seriously, life is an adventure, this is how I view it.

Betty asks…

Business for high schooler?

So I’m 16 and in high school. In the next two years which are also my last before uni, I am finishing sports that I started (get my black belt in karate) and taking up new ones (joining the rowing club). But outside of sports, I also want to start a small business. One of my friends started a web design business and is really successful. However I don’t want to do anything like making websites or programming. I also don’t want to be the product bring sold (for example being a tennis coach). I thought of running a photography business but the startup cost is huge and brings barely any money in. I need a business idea with a low startup cost, something that I can manage outside of school work and sports and something that I don’t need to learn much about. I would be prepared to learn a trade for 6 months maximum. Thank you

Yahoo answers:

You are 16 and want other people to give you ideas on what to do; it mustn’t take up too much time; and you can’t be bothered to do anything which requires real effort.

With an attitude like that, failure is guaranteed.

Grow up (a lot, in all sense of the word) and then think seriously about whether you have a hope of making a go of anything.

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Web Coaching Questions

William asks…

how to i find out Coach handbags and accessories are very cheaply?

Give any web site address

Yahoo answers:

Try to be
they offer LV,Coach,Gucci ……handbags,belts,hats,sunglasses and accessories.

Lisa asks…

where can I find COACH OUTLET in SHINJUKU area?

Does Lumine / Takashimaya / Isetan have COACH outlets in them? Pls give me exact address if it cant be found in those big dept store. Do you happen to know is it any cheaper to buy it in Tokyo?

Yahoo answers:

Big dept stores of these you mentioned sell coach of genuine new arrivals with genuine prices only.

Go outlet malls by train from Shinjyuku,.


Be aware as you know as well if you get cheaps at Ameya Yokocho, street vendors and/or web surfing, it might possibly be just fake damned things.

Betty asks…

Where is a good place to buy Designer Coach shoes for a discount price?

I am looking for some coach wedges but dont want to pay the full price. Is there a good web site outthere that have tons of coach shoes to choose from?

Yahoo answers:

I saw a big variety of Coach shoes at Marshall’s, also try T.J. Maxx. Have you tried your local outlet mall? Coach outlet has many locations across the nation

Thomas asks…

can u send me addresses of I.A.S.COACHING CENTRES IN HYDERABAD?

for preparation to indian civil services, how many coaching centres in hyderabad and their details?

Yahoo answers:


City HYD
State/Province AP
Phone 9948042885

Phone 9876543210

Address Windors Plaza,Nallakunta,Vegitable Market
City Hyderabad
State/Province Andhra Pradesh
Phone 9849095422

Centre for Civil Services ****
Address SRT-50, Ashoknagar,
City Hyderabad
State/Province Andhrapradesh
Phone 9849160479
Web Site

target ias *****
Address Ambedkar Nagar,Indira Park Road
City Hyderabad
State/Province Andhra Pradesh
Phone 9347067062

Address 111 Sri Sai Krishna Apts,Kamala Nagar, ECIL X Roads,
City Hyderabad 500 062
State/Province A P
Phone 27121515

Hyderabad Study Circle *
1-2-365/25/c, Domalguda, Near Indira Park X Roads
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Nancy asks…

can anyone tell me best IIT coaching centre in chromepet,chennai?

i have completed my xth and iam looking for a best IIT coaching institute in chromepet.pls help me!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo answers:

3, Bharani Apartment, Flat-2 13 th Cross Street, New Colony Chromepet, Chennai – 600 044 Tel:+(91)-(44)-22418746, 9444008746

refer web:

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Coaching Websites Questions

Betty asks…

Indian vs foreigner coach?

How many of the former indian cricketers have taken formal training of how to coach? And have John Wright and Greg Chappel done that?
What about their(indians as well as the forieners Wright and Chappell) coaching experience with state/province /county team. Please provide full details with proof (such as name of the source website)

Yahoo answers:

Yes kapil dev or Jimmy armanath would be fine.
But big guys like sachin & rahul … Will they obey to local coaches?
Can they be controled.?

John asks…


hi, i saw this ADORABLE coach bag on someone, but cant seem to find it on the coach website. It had chains on the sides of it and was not big, but not very small. it had that print that has the coach symbol on it and has blue included in it. i really want to exchange my new one i just got for christmas for it. and the strap on the bag extended from each side of the bag, if that made sense. please, please,please,please help me!

Yahoo answers:

Just go to and look through all the handbags and see if you can find it. I don’t know which one you’re talking about with that description, sorry.

Nancy asks…

What’s the deal with websites like

The bags are all around $60 and ‘look’ like Coach bags. The website says, “…from the latest release of Coach Designer bags…” I guess these bags aren’t real? How do websites like this get away with selling fake bags and calling them Coach? Has anyone ever purchased from a site like this?

Yahoo answers:

They’re all fake. It wouldn’t be safe buying off a site like that, because either way they could steal your credit card number, and change their website name or anything, and you wouldn’t be able to track them down. That’s the problem with the internet ;)

Hope i helped

Daniel asks…

wanna online coaching…?

please tell me some websites for online CAT 2013

Yahoo answers:

Many websites provides Online CAT Coaching. Smart CAT Cracker focuses on taking a problem, solving it and going back to revise the concepts in minutes. For Detail visit on

Ruth asks…

Does Coach offer more products than what they feature on their website?

Just wondering if theres more to coach than what they featu re on the website. I havr noticed different items at there stores. Do they have a cataloge?

Yahoo answers:

I have been to many coach stores and I feel as if the stores have more than what is featured on their website. The websites take down bags that have been sold out but in certain stores you can usually find these bags on sale.

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Coaching Web Pages Questions

Richard asks…

(8x^2 + 16x – 51)/ (2x-3) (x+4) > 3 , Solve for x?

Please please help

Yahoo answers:

Try Khan Academy online. He posts information videos and educational resources including Math from Beginner’s level to University level.
Register/sign in
Click at web-page bottom ” Our Mission ”
Click link next to the Math diagram; ( practice math at your own pace ) A world of skills to practice, with help along the way
A Knowledge Map will appear next
Click Learn tab then Math and select option

search bar – for questions

Lizzie asks…

NY Giants footballs key players?

I have to do a sports article for my class and I need to research 6 teams (any sports)
I am going to do the NY giants
the miami dolphins
and eagles?
and yeah thats all i know. im pretty pathetic when it comes to sports.
I need the team name
the coach(s)
season record (whatever that is)
and key players

any help would be greatly appreciated please i dont know anything about football or baseball or w.e

please help mee thanks:)

Yahoo answers:

Do you have any idea of how to use the Internet for practical things? Obviously not. You do know that Professional Sports Teams have Web Pages? The Web Pages for those Sports Teams have all that information. You do know how to navigate Web Pages and access drop down menus and links? You need to go to the library and take a class in navigating the World Wide Web. The internet is great tool if you use the resources it makes abailable. Since you say you don’t know anything about Baseball or Football, what sports do you know about? Right your paper on teams in the sports that you do follow.

Mark asks…

What is a good defintion for “condition”?

So my coach gave us each part of John woodens pyramid of success and I got condition. And I’m suppost to answer these questions:
What die condition mean?
How important is
Mental conditioning
Moral conditioning
And physical conditioning.

And I’m not sure how to answer it. Help? I’m doing basketball so maybe something to do with that :) thanks!

Yahoo answers:

You can find all about any of the aspects of the pyramid at the web page (below):

you will need to click through a couple of pages to get to a “clicable” pyramid from which you can attain the information you are requesting .. Web page does not appear to allow copy/paste

Donna asks…

Crossing border from Washington state to BC then going on an Alaskan cruise. What do with I-94?


My husband and I are British citizens but we live in the US and have visas. We are flying to Seattle and then crossing the US/Canadian border on a coach, on the same day we then depart from Vancouver to Alaska on a cruise ship.

I am trying to find out what to do with our I-94 cards as we don’t want future immigration issues.


Yahoo answers:

Try this web page from US Immigration. Hopefully, you’ll find your answer there. (Just briefly glancing through, it looks like you can expect to have your I-94 collected by border patrol or the cruise line, to be returned to you when you return to the U.S.?)

Hope this helps,

Linda asks…

transportation/time in London?

I will be arriving in Heathrow, London and will have to take a shuttle to Gatwick in order to fly out to Barcelona. How long will this take? Approx? is there anything i should keep a heads up for?
first time out there, flying solo.

Yahoo answers:

You take the National Express coach from the Central Bus Station at Heathrow, which is near terminals 1,2,3 … If you come into terminal 4 or 5 take the shuttle bus to the Bus Station … Takes about 1 hr 15 mins … Details on this website

also have a look at this web page

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