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SEO Efforts Need A Few Basics

Search Engine Optimization Starts with Web DesignSEO

The most optimized web design is essential for the maximum SEO results. Search engines will completely ignore websites that don’t have at least the rudiments of search friendly design. Proper title, description and keyword tags combined with webpages titled “about”, “contact”, sitemap”, privacy policy” and “terms of service” are the least that can be done to enhance search page results.


Landing pages or specific web pages targeted to focused search terms are what search engines are seeking for relevant results for their search clients.

Fresh Relevant Content Should Spearhead Your SEO Marketing Strategies.

If the search engines are going to react well to fresh content anyways you might as well maintain a blog. Blogs can be informal articles that establish your expertise in your particular field plus the search engines love them.  Maintaining and posting to your blog can enhance your SEO strategy and can also support your Twitter and Facebook messages, serving a one-two punch for your search engine optimization programs.

Fresh content will maximize your internet marketing strategies to allow higher placement in organic search engine results.

Florida Web Coaching provides search engine optimization advice and expertise to make the most of your SEO efforts.

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