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Florida Web Coaching offers personalized pay-per-click campaign management with full transparency and reporting for medium and small businesses.

We will start a campaign from the beginning or work with aPay-per-click targeting current campaign to maximize return on investment for your products or services.

Our pay-per-click services include:

  1. Full analysis of your current website and landing pages for tweaks that would enhance compatibility with an effective search engine campaign
  2. Identification and implementation of goal and conversion pages on your website that are important to your company objectives for pay-per-click strategy
  3. Comprehensive keyword research identifying main keywords as well as others that are related but with less competition allowing for better results
  4. Enticing ad copy for multiple ad tracking and comparative a/b results in all ad groups
  5. Budget setup for Google AdWords and/or Bing adCenter programs based on your marketing allowances and balanced for best results
  6. Constant and thorough monitoring and fine-tuning based on criteria such as:
    • Search term research – essential for negative keyword posting to minimize wasted clicks
    • Keyword quality scores – adjusting landing pages and keyword search term bids for best return on investment
    • Budget analysis results – monitoring effectiveness of click costs and results during campaign term
    • Goal and conversion tracking – adjusting for best results from keywords, ad groups and ad copy for pay-per-click ROI
  7. Comprehensive reporting providing thorough knowledge of results compared to money spent so that you always have a handle on the pay-per-click campaigns

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Pay-Per-Click Is One Of The Most Effective And Misunderstood Forms Of Web Advertising

How Does Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Workdoes pay-per-click work?

Pay-per-click is typically the method of using Google or Bing to bid on keywords that are pertinent to your customer’s interest. If your bid is high enough, your ad shows up on the front page of the search engines where scores of people have the option to click on your ad and arrive at your site. Every time they click you pay the search engines up to the amount of your bid for the privilege of attracting that web customer.

While the above description gives a summary of how pay-per-click advertising works, here’s what you might not be aware of:

  • Your pay-per-click campaign can be focused on just the geographical locations that are pertinent to your market’s customers.
  • You are required to limit your daily budget. You can tightly control your advertising dollars for any given pay-per-click campaign.
  • It is easy to direct potential customers from each ad to a specific page on your site with a unique tracking URL so that you can track what they do after they arrive.
  • It makes sense to design several ads for each ad group in your campaign to find out which ad gets the best results.
  • There is a little known portion of text ads where you can provide a custom URL that can greatly affect the click-through results. Even though they arrive at the same page, you can display instead of just
  • Search engines rate each one of your search keywords based on landing page relevance and click through rates. Keyword quality scores affect the cost of your bid in relation to where your ad display’s on the search result page. Bids can change by as much as 50% based on quality scores.

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Without being aware of the intricacies of pay-per-click marketing methods it is easy to see why many website owners and managers don’t appreciate the effectiveness of PPC advertising.

pay-per-clickFlorida Web Coaching is Google AdWords Certified with extensive experience with Bing adCenter. Look to Florida Web Coaching as your pay-per-click marketing experts.

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