Interest in Pinterest Marketing

I know everyone has heard about the unbelievable explosion of Pinterest marketing– the latest social media darling.

If you’re like me, you wonder you can leverage this outstanding growth for your business exposure.

Here is some thoughts about Pinterest marketingpinterest200

  • - Pinterest demographics are very strongly females aged 25-34
  • - The Pinterest marketing appeal is almost 100% visual
  • - Video is a part of the Pinterest marketing wave but hasn’t made a big splash … yet
  • - Infographics might make a bigger impression to the business world on Pinterest but not necessarily to individuals

Based on these assumptions (and some are just that – assumptions), Pinterest marketing might be effective using the following methods.

Some companies hire or enlist a graphic artist specifically to develop and enhance their Pinterest marketing presence but many have no SEO background and need guidance to be effective.

Many are targeting their graphics toward a large demographic market and, even though I suspect that those demographics might change soon, young adult females are still the core audience. What steps can help these efforts?

  • Allow an SEO expert to guide the image specialist in design and Pinterest posting efforts
  • Post socially relevant messages that are going to appeal to the core audience
  • Like Facebook and other social media sources, don’t make posts all about business especially if your business doesn’t have the same demographics

pinterestlogoThe visual aspect of Pinterest marketing allows for many different avenues for delivering relevant social messages as well as business marketing efforts. The phenomenal growth of Pinterest allows some latitude with video messages and other-demographic marketing ideas. You might not want to narrow your scope too much since you might be able to get in on the ground floor of this social media opportunity.

Infographics, when identified, have been making a huge impact in social media lately in a large part to Pinterest marketing exposure. Many infographics appeal to businesses and could be ideal if you are a B2B (business to business) company. At the same time, more and more consumers are recognizing infographics and video as good sources for “how to” information in areas that they are trying to learn about.

My best advice for providing graphics and video for your Pinterest marketing efforts is to make sure the the graphics are high-quality, readable if containing text and usually bigger is better.

With video,  I’d suggest short videos with a purpose in mind – even if the purpose is just “entertainment”. Length should be less than two minutes if you went to keep the attention of you audience.

The message here is that Pinterest marketing is still in its infancy and could be an outstanding opportunity for companies to explode their internet presence. Waiting to see what happens is generally not a good philosophy when it comes to internet marketing.

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Use the comments section below to share your Pinterest marketing experiences.